Posted by: aediculaantinoi | January 8, 2014

Dies Divarum

To the Divae

Though the ranks of the Divae grew
from century to century in antiquity,
four of these Great Divine Ladies
are honored above all by the devotees
of Hadrian and the Divine Antinous.


The sister of Trajan, greatest Diva
for the august line she mothered,
Ulpia Marciana I honor first here–
may your wisdom, peace, and concord
be with all those who remember and praise you!


No Emperor is great without a great wife,
and so Pompeia Plotina I honor next,
the adopted mother of Hadrian:
may your prudence, faithfulness, and loyalty
be with all those who remember and praise you!


Mindia Matidia, daughter of Marciana,
niece of Trajan, mother-in-law of Hadrian,
the foster-mother of Hadrian’s virtue:
may your intelligence, steadfastness, and nurturance
be with all those who remember and praise you!


The Divine Vibia Sabina, fourth pillar of the sky,
the wife of Hadrian and friend to Antinous,
mother of all the Empire during your life:
may your honor, respect, and providence
be with all those who remember and praise you!

May all of the Divae, mothers, wives, and sisters
of the Divine Emperors, and all their descendants
amongst the children of humanity now–
the mothers, daughters, sisters, and wives of all
be blessed, protected, and honored always!


  1. Yes, yes, yes.

  2. Just learned of this talk about Sabina, wish you could be here! (Scroll down to April 3):

    • Ooh! That looks great! (As does the Animals in Antiquity seminar a few weeks from now…)

      Any chance you’ll be going to the Sabina event? If so, do take notes…she certainly traveled with the Emperor everywhere, I think, with the possible exception of the trip east during the end stages of the Bar Kochba rebellion.

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