Posted by: aediculaantinoi | January 9, 2014

Better Dreams…

I was going to post the third and final piece in my recent series today, but I am not quite feeling up for it…this has been a much longer, more exhausting week than I had anticipated, and there’s a lot of things that need to be done, so the less time I spend writing the blog today, the better…!

So, instead, I’ll share with you briefly a few dreams I’ve had related to Antinous over the past few days, which were much better than the one which lead to this post the other day.

I had several dreams on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning.

The first one involved doing a bunch of rituals at PantheaCon for Antinous, and having them go really well, only to realize that in the celebratory post-ritual bliss I was feeling, I’d failed to attend any of the other things I had planned to at the convention–oops!

Another one involved being at a Lady GaGa concert, and everyone who had expensive tickets was lined up to sit in her lap like she was Santa Claus, but I only passed by them and looked at them as I walked away, only to suddenly feel someone come up behind me and grab my hand and walk alongside of me holding my hand, and it was her, and she complimented me on my poetry!

I also had one involving being at some sort of family reunion and having to tell some older relative that one of my younger brothers is something of an atheist; and there was another dream (possibly connected to that one) likewise involving me having to tell my mom “what’s so bad about Christianity” (although we’ve actually had that conversation for real on many occasions in the past few years, and she pretty much agrees on every point).

Anyway…at least on Antinous-related dream matters, things were better that day than they were earlier on Tuesday!

Then, last night, I had an initial bad dream involving a fight with my older brother, using increasingly inappropriate but hurtful physical instruments, until at last he was about to use a canister of something and a lighter to shoot fire at me, but I hit him first with some bottle of something with a long tube attached to the top (like a chemistry or alchemy instrument of some sort), which then burst the canister he was holding and released a poisonous gas throughout the house, which also thus affected me and made it impossible for me to get to the door to open it so we could all breathe again…and as I passed out from that, I woke up. Because my wand jumped off the shelf the other day [while awake/in actual real life!] when I got up and hadn’t used it for bad-dream-banishing, I figured this was the perfect opportunity to use it again for that purpose, so I did, using my Ephesia Grammata technique/ritual for that purpose.

I slept on-and-off, but fairly well all the same, after that.

However, my final dream of the night, just a few hours ago, involved being on the phone with some people (including, it seems, Michael Smith of Assembly of the Sacred Wheel, and Tristissima) about doing some “Antinoan information songs” in Latin. When this was settled upon at last, Tristissima sang the first part of one song, and then a whole group of people answered em on the other end in a Gregorian chant-like style, which was then followed by a trumpet-and-brass solo with accompanying singing, and then finally…

russell tovey

….I was in the room with Russell Tovey, who (along with a woman) was playing this giant pipe organ, and it then finished off the song in this huge and climactic fashion. I then asked Russell why he didn’t bang his head against the organ keys like the Muppet on Sesame Street just for added effect in the final bit just because he was being so dramatic with it.😉

I know what some parts of all of this “means” (and it doesn’t actually mean much, apart from I had seen or read things with the figures concerned in them not long before going to bed that night), but other parts could very well be rather encouraging divine messages. I really wish I could have remembered the tunes for the songs, though…they were incredibly complex and beautiful.

Okay, that’s probably it for me today. More tomorrow, hopefully!

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