Posted by: aediculaantinoi | January 10, 2014

New “Queer I Stand”: Unlikely Allies and the End of Homophobia

The latest “Queer I Stand” column by me at’s Pagan Channel is up, and you can read it here.

It talks about, amongst other things, the “end of homophobia,” Alan Davies, George Clooney, and…wait for it…GLENN FECKIN’ BECK! (Yeah, I never thought that day would come…!)

Feel free to comment there or here as you would prefer! More later today, if all goes well!


  1. I…what? Did the Hadron Collider create a black hole, sucked the Earth into it and we’re now living in an alternate dimension where Glenn Beck says he will stand with GLAAD?? (I did go watch the clip on youtube.)

    I don’t know if I quite believe he has had a change of heart. It’s still acceptable to say homosexuality “leads to bestiality, pedophilia, etc.” in America, and that gays getting married will wreck heterosexual marriages. 2009 and the Ugandan Kill the Gays bill wasn’t so long ago either.

    Still, this is a step (however reluctant and late) in the right direction!

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