Posted by: aediculaantinoi | January 11, 2014

On the Birth of Sobek


On the Birth of Sobek

Rejoice, O Egyptians! Celebrate, you new Alexandrians!
The birth of Sobek from the swamps has occurred!

O son of Set, child of great Neith of the weavings,
you who would become the delight of Hathor’s eye!

To protect the innocent, to secure the drowned,
for this you have come into being, O great Sobek!

To banish fear and to instill it upon those who are foul,
for this you have been born among the gods, O Sobek!

The frogs of the swamp sing your praises by night,
and the birds of the river sing your praises by day!

The sistrum is shaken for you and bells are rung
in your raucous festival to banish the darkness!

For the darkness itself is upon your skin,
it is in your eyes, it is within your gullet,

and because you have become its master,
it cannot conquer you, and must obey you.

Therefore, Sobek, o tamer of shadows,
o setter aright of souls, we praise you today!


Dua Sobek!


  1. Thanks for posting this!

    So timely, as I dreamed of Sobek last night as well.

  2. […] sold CDs and interacted with the (over?-)capacity crowd at the venue. No doubt because it was also Sobek’s birthday yesterday, they likewise played the old favorite “Alligator in the […]

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