Posted by: aediculaantinoi | January 11, 2014

On the Killing of Apophis

set and apophis

On the Killing of Apophis

Congratulations to you, Set, on your day of victory!

The winds roared and blasted the entire night through,
and the serpent of isfet raged from hour to hour,
but you did not relent in your struggle against him.

The rain buffeted and the waves upon the sea
tossed and turned the ships from their usual smooth sailings,
but you were indifferent to sea sprays and drenchings.

Re’s barque, like a pine needle upon the surface
of the Black Sea–contingent, tiny, almost insignificant–
could easily have been lost in the night’s tumult.

But, braver than any god known, you stood, Set,
on the prow of the ship, no mere figurehead,
and with your spear outstretched, skewered the snake.


Congrulations to you, Set, every divine being shouts in praise!

Only you have the steadiness of hand to guide spear-heads
into the softest scales of the snake, most unruly
of the beasts of the starry heavens and upon the earth.

It is only you who has the might of a strong right arm
to make even the winds retreat from your sight
for fear of your strength and ferocity.

Your skill in slaying is unmatched among the gods,
and on this day, following this night of victory,
your skills are welcomed and celebrated, not lamented.

Breaker of backbones, shatterer of spines,
crusher of ribs, smasher of skulls,
great among the gods is Set, great indeed!

Congratulations to Set, the binder of the serpent of chaos!

apophis bound

Dua Sutekh!


  1. […] when the wind howled very forcefully and the rain fell hard–not surprising, given it was the occasion of Set defeating a certain cosmic serpent of chaos!–I made my way via various buses and a ferry boat down to Seattle. On this, my first […]

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    Why I consider Set a protector

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