Posted by: aediculaantinoi | January 12, 2014

Fun with Music!

After Friday night/Saturday morning, when the wind howled very forcefully and the rain fell hard–not surprising, given it was the occasion of Set defeating a certain cosmic serpent of chaos!–I made my way via various buses and a ferry boat down to Seattle. On this, my first sea-journey since the turning of 2014, the water was rougher than I’ve almost ever seen it with the ferries still running, and I was rocked-and-rolled over the short stretch of Puget Sound across to the other side, where the buses ran fairly well on time (despite the awful weather) and got me to my intended destination in the U District, where I met up with my friend, colleague, co-religionist, Lupercus and Mystes Antínoou, Michael Sebastian Lvx, whose hospitality I enjoyed that day and overnight.

The main reason for my trip down was a concert that night, which was the album-launch event for Betsy Tinney‘s new recording, Release the Cello, her first solo album. I last mentioned her because of her presence and performance at this event last summer, and last night’s performances were as equally good as those in July, if not better.

Betsy was joined onstage at various points by a number of other favorites, including her Tricky Pixie bandmates S. J. Tucker (also a Luperca!) and Alexander James Adams. The various other musicians as well as herself played a heroic three sets of most of the songs off her new album, plus many favorites she has collaborated with others upon, and likewise sold CDs and interacted with the (over?-)capacity crowd at the venue. No doubt because it was also Sobek’s birthday yesterday, they likewise played the old favorite “Alligator in the House.”

Various other lovely folks were present, including the wonderful Jay, who is also a friend, colleague, co-religionist, Lupercus and Mystes Antínoou, and did us the even greater favor of joining us for dinner and hanging out before we left, as well as being our loyal and efficient charioteer to and from the event (which was in Kenmore). It was an enjoyable night, most certainly, and among the many things I’ve taken from it is that I’ll share one of Betsy’s newly-recorded songs with you on a certain Antinous-specific holy day at the end of this month–I turned to Jay after it was performed and said “Don’t you think…?” and he completely agreed, so I am taking that as confirmation for its appropriate usage therein!

I wish Betsy every success with this album–based on last night, it already is a wild success!–and likewise to all of the other wonderful performers last night who contributed their talents to the festivities!


  1. […] when I saw her (under a beautiful night’s sky, no less!), but she most certainly played it a few weeks ago, and as I listened with everyone present in silence and the song trailed off and completed, I said […]

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  3. […] The destination in question was a private residence, as S. J. Tucker and Betsy Tinney had a house concert there. The website said it would take about 33 minutes to walk there, and even though I felt I was going pretty slow, I ended up making it–if the clocks where I had left and where I had arrived were approximately aligned–in about 23 minutes, which seems unlikely, but there we go. There was enough time before the concert started for me to chat with S.J. for a few minutes and do what we could to catch up in that short time, since I had not seen her since early 2014. […]

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