Posted by: aediculaantinoi | January 13, 2014

On the Birth of Aelius Caesar

On the Birth of Aelius Caesar

A flower has come into bloom,
but flowers do not last long.

An Emperor will find him fragrant,
will tend him in his garden.

He will become the father
of a future Emperor, another flower…

But he will become divine, too soon,
like his Imperial Father’s lover.

In miniature his life and death
will emulate the lover’s in halves.

And before he becomes divine himself,
he will found temples to the Lover.

The cults of heroes he will favor,
under the bright light of stars.

I read it in his celestial aspects and on his palm,
these prognostications for his future life.

He will not be mourned properly,
therefore let us not mourn him now,

but instead celebrate him and praise him,
the child who will become divine.


Ave Aelie Caesar! Ave Hadriane! Ave Ave Antinoe!


  1. Ave.

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