Posted by: aediculaantinoi | January 20, 2014

A Late Update…

So, I am still going to PantheaCon!

The short version of the story: for some still-unknown and ill-defined reason, the airline cancelled my flight reservation, but it has been restored. (Thankfully, the website via which I booked my flight notified me of this immediately, even though it took two days to figure out what happened and to get it fixed.)

Barring any further unforeseen mishaps or eventualities, I shall be attending PantheaCon and enjoying it for all it is worth once again…in less than a month now–AAAAH! There’s still a lot to prepare…

Thus, I am cutting this short now and heading to bed, with hopes of giving at least a poem tomorrow on this blog for the syncretism festival of Antinous and Ganymede in between the two classes I’ll be teaching and a lot of travel to and from different colleges on buses and a bit of waiting and eating amidst all of it, too…!?!


  1. Hurrah! Rest well.

    Thank you, Hermes and Hanuman!

  2. I will really miss seeing all of you at P-con. Please have even more awesome than usual so that my share is covered.😉

    • I was not sure if you’d be there or not, given the expansion of your family and such…I’m sorry to hear you won’t be, alas.

      But, we shall do our best in your stead! 😉

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