Posted by: aediculaantinoi | January 24, 2014

Hadrian’s Birthday, 2014


Hadrianos Philippos

The Muses helped Homer to sing of Achilleus,
and of Odysseus, and of good Nestor,
all three lovers of horses, who knew them well,
who rode them, who made them, who spoke with them.

Alexander the Great, and his father, Philip himself,
whose name indicated he was a connoisseur of horses
(as the Thracians before him and long after),
had the great steed of fame and cities, Bukephalos.

But today, O Muses, I praise another great leader,
a hero, a Divus, a god who walked the earth:
Hadrian of Hispania, who knew Disciplina and brought her
to the Legions and to the Cavalries of Rome.

Borysthenes was his faithful steed for many years
in hunting for boars and bears, deer and wolves,
and every prey that runs upon Gaia’s breasts–
Hadrian loved that horse dearly, and grieved his loss.

In Arcadia, at the shrine of Areion–Demeter’s son–
he thanked the hero-horse, and his father Poseidon
for being the first philippos amongst the gods,
who provided horses for Helios, Hekate, and Hades.

At Abdera in Thrace, he honored the horses of Diomedes–
and Hadrian like a latter-day Herakles except in this,
did not lose his young heroic companion Antinous
to the viciousness of horses, but instead to rivers.

When the two made sacrifice for Achilleus and Patroklos,
they did not forget to also honor Balios, Pedasos, and Xanthos,
the third the great speaking-horse, son of Zephyros,
the far-famed name borne by gods, men, cities, and rivers.

It was gods, men, cities, and rivers that Hadrian saw,
established, honored, crossed, and with whom he shared his horses.
Let us celebrate Hadrian, rich in horses and honors
from the rivers of gods, from the cities of men!


Hail to the Distinguished Noble Augustus!
Hail to the flower of Iberia, the most favored son of Hispania!
Hail to the fosterling of Hercules Gaditanus!
Hail to the son of Trajan Augustus Dacicus!
Hail to the husband of Diva Sabina!
Hail to the Protector of Britannia!
Hail to the Far-Traveler!
Hail to the New Dionysos!
Hail to the New Asklepios!
Hail to Zeus Olympeios upon the earth!
Hail to the Lover of Antinous!
Hail to Divus Aelius Hadrianus Augustus!


  1. Happy birthday to Hadrian, the Great and Good Emperor!

    (Also, unrelatedly, to my husband, who is not Hadrian, but who is a fan of him).

    • I recall you mentioning that last year. Please, therefore, likewise convey my felicitations to your husband! 🙂

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