Posted by: aediculaantinoi | January 27, 2014

For Lí Bán, the Muirgeilt


Lí Bán

Daughter of Eochaid mac Maireda,
Lí Bán, the splendorous woman,
the only survivor of the flood
which made Lough Neagh, destroying
your father’s kingdom against the wishes
of Óengus Mac ind Óc, giver of horses.

You grieved alone in your gríanán
beneath the waves upon the lake,
but eventually you and Conbroc escaped–
the hound became an otter, and you a salmon-woman–
to become Muirgeilt, adrift and mad
upon the sea for generations of time.

But eventually, O Fuinche, you recovered,
and speared the stags of flood from the sea,
for you had been reborn, Muirgein,
unlike Uiriu, your sister who escaped and died,
or like your father’s hound, Senchenn, whose tomb
was still visible above the flooded lands.

Let your praises resound on this, the day,
when a chariot which was a washtub
was pulled by stags of the wood
that you might tell your story before departing,
O Lí Bán, called forth from the waves of time,
great and beautiful daughter of Eochaid mac Maireda.


Let us praise and remember Lí Bán, and Coventina, and all of the holy watery women, nymphs, and mermaids on this day!

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