Posted by: aediculaantinoi | February 2, 2014

If the Seahawk Oni Sees Its Shadow…

…then you have to throw six more handfuls of soybeans at it to dispel its impurities.

I think.

Today is too many things:

1) Setsubun at the Tsubaki Grand Shrine of America.

2) Groundhog Day.

3) Superb Owl Sunday–so, apparently, a day to honor Athena, Lilith, and other deities? 😉

The above photo is from a previous year, but you get the idea of the main feature of this festival from it. The attacking oni this year were both very tall and very thin, but also not as enthusiastic in their menacing of the crowd as in previous years…and, I have to say, there is less enjoyment in pelting them with natures bee-bees while yelling “Oni Wa Soto!” if they don’t seem to be as into it as they should be. The stationary oni target really got it good from Sensei this year, as the first misfortune-dispelling arrow (for the past) hit it in the lower right lip, the second (for the present) hit it in the upper right forehead, and the third (for the future) hit it square between the eyes. So, that’s a dead oni, for sure.

And, the Groundhog saw its shadow. And I saw this amusing graphic being used in a promotional e-mail:

kill phil

It’s cute, but the title of it kind of makes me worry…many of you will know why. 😉


In a few moments, one of the secular United States’ most sacred athletic competitions begins, and the Seattle team has a stake in the game this year. As their symbol was likely inspired by a Kwakiutl mask now in the Burke Museum in Seattle, I’m rather in favor of them as a non-exploitative use of Native American symbolism as a sports mascot…and their colors aren’t bad, either. I won’t be too upset if they don’t win, but it would be nice for this area if they did, I think, for a variety of reasons.

But, I won’t be watching the game actively, because I have a lot of other stuff to do.

I hope everyone is doing well today, no matter how you spend it!


  1. The older Seahawk design has several elements that seem to match the Salish. I’m glad I wasn’t imagining it.

    YAY Seahawks!

  2. Re: Superb Owl – it’s very difficult to attest if Lilith was actually a deity at all.😉

    • The operative word there, though, is “was”; she may not have been back then (though she was some sort of divine power, I’d guess), but she most certainly is now. Not unlike any number of others…

  3. Seahawks won, it was an absolute blowout. Just thought you should know😀

    • Oh, I know–all of the people loudly screaming and applauding, and then coming to interrupt my work to tell me the score, spelled it out pretty plainly. 😉

      I knew they would, in any case. My prediction had been Seahawks 21 to 13 at halftime, and then Seahawks 40 to 23 or 27 final, but I was way off on both counts with Denver. I was pretty damn close with the Seahawks, though: 23 at halftime, 43 final!

      But, the important thing is, they won, so there we are.

      (And, We Won! against the Oni yesterday, too…interestingly, the not-very-enthused oni was actually wearing a Broncos hat under his oni headgear! Prescient? Yes, certainly!)

    • By the way: Athena is the most Superb Owl. 😛

      • Hee! I loved the Superb Owl jokes that were running around on Facebook and Reddit. It gave me a good laugh and I kept thinking “Oh, if only you knew”

      • It really seemed to make the rounds this year…

        A few years ago, there was a readerboard outside the Chief’s Club up the hill from the Naval base here, and they were having a Super Bowl party, but there was a windstorm one night, and so the next day it said “SUPERB OWL.” My dad called the place and said, “So it says you have a superb owl on Sunday–how good is it?” The guy on the phone, who clearly didn’t understand, replied without hesitating, “Oh, it’s really good, you’ll like it.” Crikey…!

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