Posted by: aediculaantinoi | February 18, 2014

This Just In!

I’m absolutely shot from PantheaCon, and I’ve just completed the first part of my longest day of the week for work/teaching…the five-hour class is yet to come tonight.

However, I just got the following from my friend, colleague, and co-religionist Michael Sebastian Lvx, which I have been talking about with him since last summer, but which finally got finished, so I thank him for his beautiful work with this:

Introducing the new Tetrad++ Group sigil, featuring the Ephesia Grammata!

Tetrad++ Sigil

Nice, innit? 😉


  1. Oh, that is nice!

  2. WANT. Really beautifully done.

  3. Gorgeous!

  4. Oh, that is absolutely wonderful! Oh, now I am even MORE sorry I missed your PCon Ephesia Grammata class!

    I am off to check your online classes again and figure out the ones I want to take!

    Good luck with surviving your five hour class tonight!

    • Thank you very much! I did survive it, but it was a slog…!

  5. That’s a lovely piece of work. I was really interested in your Ephesia Grammata work before, and now I’m even more interested in seeing the text. Michael is a talented artist with this sort of thing, definitely. I’ll be wanting a copy of the EG when it’s ready!

    Are you gonna sell posters of that baby?

    • Perhaps Michael will (and coffee mugs, and t-shirts, and and and…!?!), since he should make any money to be made on it.

      But, he is going to do some revisions on it, as I checked the Greek and there are bits of it that aren’t quite right, so when that is done, then we’ll see what he’d like to do with it.

      I will let you know about the book…!

  6. […] of those presentations is by P. Sufenas, who recently discussed a lovely new sigil that was created for the Ekklesia Antinoou. I wonder if it’s going to find it’s way […]

  7. Thank you for the posting, and the necessary edit is complete. Also, no, I’d rather not make money off it, though the Ekklesia certainly can😉 . Consider it an act of solidarity from the pleromist to my polytheist colleagues and family.

  8. […] one other thing: you know the Tetrad++ Sigil I displayed last week? Well, there were some small transcription problems on it, but those are now fixed, and […]

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