Posted by: aediculaantinoi | March 2, 2014

Trans* Matters of Note…

So, for over a month now, I’ve been collecting some links to pieces about trans* folks (as well as some other “miscellaneous interesting queer matters”), and given that today is the birth of the first three members of the Tetrad++–Panpsyche, Panhyle, and Paneros–it seems rather appropriate to get this out there. Some of these are a bit “old” (by modern standards!) at this point, but nonetheless they still illustrate many of the ongoing difficulties that trans* people face in terms of recognition in our larger culture at present. (And some of them very directly echo some of Favorinus’ comments in my last post, too.)

From Lambda Literary Newsletters, TT Jax on transgender poetics and Jos Charles on making space for trans* writers.

From across the pond in the Republic of Ireland, Panti Bliss, a famous Irish drag queen, will not stay silent when homophobes try to say they’re not homophobic (does that sound at all similar to other occasions of privilege that have been discussed at length in this blog?), and a new law might allow trans* youth to be legally recognized at the age of 16. We can only hope!

The matter of invasive questions about trans* folks’ “bits” is a common one, and one that I’ve faced a few times now myself–it’s no one’s fuckin’ business unless we’re going to have sex, so quit asking! But, apparently, even ostensibly sensible and liberal interviewers don’t understand this, as Katy Couric demonstrated in an interview with the wonderful trans* actresses Carmen Carerra and Laverne Cox.

And speaking of privilege and its dynamics within minority communities: Tim Gunn is transphobic, which may not surprise many people; and outside of those specifically queer demographics, Piers Morgan is also transphobic (no big surprise there, to be honest), and Janet Mock gives him a much-deserved what-for as a result.

And, while not a specifically trans* matter, nonetheless this plays into the question of gay male privilege: “the myth of the fag-hag.”

Interesting food for thought all around, yes? 😉

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