Posted by: aediculaantinoi | March 3, 2014

Epithalamion for Paneros and Paneris

Epithalamion for Paneros and Paneris

Come, O Hymenaios, and bless the union
of fair Paneros and sweetest Paneris–
but who is the bride, and which the bridegroom?

Truth forces me to observe it, thus:
Paneris is now the bridegroom as he proudly stands,
but now the bride as she drips in anticipation!

And what of Paneros, neither bridegroom nor bride?
No, a bridge: for the one who is Love Incarnate and Personified
is neither one, nor other, nor both, but Every and All

(though, likewise, different and separate:
for what is All must needs be distinct from Each
lest Each not be Each, nor All be All Itself).

Paneris goes to the chamber a conquering hero,
for he has laid with many women in his time
and has been with many men in her life–

and, lest you think strife is only a game
when boys and girls come together,
he’s also had boys and she’s had girls!

But the true virgin, never touched before,
is Paneros, for eir presence has been in every touch,
the wide cosmos’ creatures end to end:

for how can one who knows every caress
and has been the author of every pleasured groan
have any lover’s touch other than eir own?

Now love and strife, bedfellows into eternity,
come together, and let the stars in their stations
quake with the strain of their lovemaking!

May Eros be fired and freed, and Aphrodite be quenched and cooled,
and may clever Hymenaios sing his songs sweet and fortissimo
for the two will be loud in their coupling!



Hail, Thanks, and Praise to Paneros!
Hail, Thanks, and Praise to Paneris!
Hail, Thanks, and Praise to Hymenaios!
Hail, Thanks, and Praise to Eros and Aphrodite!
Hail, Thanks, and Praise to the Tetrad++ Group!


  1. I like the bridge metaphor, if that ‘s what it is…

    • Interestingly, it was a typographical error…

      And yet, I’ve added it as a phrase in one of the verses that follows, because it is a good metaphor! Thanks for point it out! 😉

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