Posted by: aediculaantinoi | March 3, 2014

The Marriage of Paneros and Paneris, 2014

FINAL Ephesia Tetrad++ Sigil

“I have come seeking the waters of Nun,
for I am destined to bring love to desire,
and I carry the blessings of Ogdoad and Ennead,
and I myself am the Triad of the Tetrad,
and my lineage is extensive and mighty.”


“I have come to bring love to desire,
to deposit the last of the five seeds
into the fructifying waters of Nun
and to bring a creature into being
plucked from the abyss of chaos and confusion
that I might love and be loved by in turn—
a lover and a mate as much as a child,
a spouse fit for a goddess or a god
and yet my own, for I myself am neither.”


“Speak my name and I will be yours.”

“You are my daughter and my son,
you are the Ouranos to my Gaia,
the Iusaas to my Atum,
but also the Nyx to my Gaia
and the Hadrian to my Antinous,
Agdistis and Hermaphroditos to myself,
the wife and husband to my soul,
the man and woman for my body,
the goddess and god of my deepest love,
a love between love and strife:
your name is Paneris.”

“It took you long enough to say it!
Were you stalling for time to figure it out?”

“I may have been, but you’ll never know!”

“The Marriage of Paneros”

Well, not unlike last year on this day (and perhaps I should just assume that will be the case for the foreseeable future…?!?), I could have sworn that today marked the beginning of the festivals of the Trophimoi and Herodes Attikos’ family, but in fact that doesn’t start until the 5th, which means that tomorrow (the longest day of my week) will be a “free day” before the next deluge of holy-days. But, today is a good one, and a fun one, and an important one for those who are following the Tetrad++ Group and their cycle.

I just re-read “The Marriage of Paneros”, and found it to be quite something…this is only about the eighth time I’ve read it, but it has been long enough that–once again!–I’ve forgotten much of it until I was reading the lines concerned. The excerpts above seemed the most significant to me, and not surprisingly, they are the words of Paneros at various points in the narrative (though e speaks several other times as well). This makes me think that when my image of Paneros arrives, perhaps part of the enshrining ritual will be to read the words e speaks in all of the poems aloud. ‘Tis a thought, in any case…

If all goes well, I may have another short poem for Paneros and Paneris later today–we’ll see, as I have to write another poem, and do a huge pile of grading as well. But, we shall hope it will work out!

Please let me know what you do to mark this occasion yourselves today!

Hail, Thanks, and Praise to Paneros!
Hail, Thanks, and Praise to Paneris!
Hail, Thanks, and Praise to the Tetrad++ Group!

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