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Trophimoi Festival 2014: Antinous and Polydeukion Praise Lucius Marius Vitalis

greek male head

Antinous and Polydeukion Praise Lucius Marius Vitalis

P: You were fortunate, Antinous, to know him
when he was amongst the living.

A: And I have been well-favored
to know you before and after your death.

P: In life, was he as studious
as he has been since in the lands of rest?

A: If possible, he was even more so–
his eyes rested on words more
than the insides of his eyelids.

P: Yet, did he not enjoy his time in the flesh?

A: He did, even when I had to tear
the book from his hands to lay aside.

P: I can imagine it easily, for I, too,
have walked in on him at his reading
and had to urge him to put it down.

A: His eyes see all things as a great library.

P: And we, even, are its books and scrolls,
as beloved to him when we unroll and reveal…

A: but he loves others, too, and not simply
for what they teach, for the information they have.

P: Indeed, too many mistake what love of wisdom
as an art entails: not just the mind, but the heart.

A: The heart is no dumb organ, but the most eloquent,
and the mind’s thoughts are slaves to it.

P: And words from thoughts but the messengers of slaves
to the head of the household, the heart itself.

A: Though it is also not only his heart
that we praise as a beautiful organ of virtue’s truth…

P: No–other organs deserve our praise, too.


Hail to Lucius Marius Vitalis!
Hail to Antinous!
Hail to Polydeukion!
Hail to the Treískouroi!
Hail to the Trophimoi and Family of Herodes Attikos!


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