Posted by: aediculaantinoi | March 6, 2014

Trophimoi Festival 2014: Herodes’ Children

After a most unusual night, in which I think I had the blessings mentioned here in abundance due to the two Good Sisters Athenais and Elpinike, I give you the prayers of Herodes’ children to different deities on this day.


Elpinike to Apollon Ptoös

O never-lying oracle of the three-peaked mountain,
god of Delphi and Delos and the Hyperborean lands:
I pray on behalf of my mother and my father.

May those who remember me also remember them,
and may the memory of my brothers and sisters
do honor to our parents and to those who so recall.

Give knowledge, O Muse-leading God, to your votaries
of that which approaches that is of ill favor,
and likewise also presage that which is fortunate.

Be kind and gracious to the Kouroi, the dead youths
who fall before their time on earth ripens to adulthood,
and with your favored blessings, grant us peace.


Athenais to Asklepios

To you, O son of Apollon and Koronis,
father of many children, lightning-struck,
god of the healer’s arts and physic–

Bring the joy of recovered strength in limbs
to the ones who suffer, at your own hands
if the hands of the human physicians are too rich;

Give the sweetness of restful sleep
to those who are tired and over-worked
for their own health and well-being;

Be kind to all those with ongoing ailments,
in every part of the body, in mind, and in heart,
and like cool waters, refresh each in turn!


Regillus to Eros

O winged Eros, youngest god–
though oldest god before time–
the love of you is with all on earth;

Do not shoot and wound with love
acutely and at random, like glances
in a crowd, falling on fair faces,

but instead kindle a slow fire
that now rages, now recedes
in the hearth of the hearts of men

which may be stoked and fed
to flare up in brotherly affection
for all, in the sight of all, on the earth!


Lucius Claudius Herodes to Kronos

Last child of Gaia and starry Ouranos,
the overthrower of the ordered cosmos
and the breaker of unjust chains–

Your golden age is far from the earth,
and our bodies do not know any more
the glow of the Hyperborean skies.

Sadness reigns on the face of the world,
and everywhere there is desolation,
suffering, sorrow, and absence of justice.

Take up your sickle again, O Kronos,
and on behalf of humanity that cries to you,
bring justice and peace to an upset world!


Attikos Bradua to Persephone

Dear divine flawless Maiden,
Chthonic Lady beneath the earth,
most beloved daughter of Demeter:

Like the flowers of spring
we mortals wither and fade
and n time our limbs rot,

but we know a secret fire
that you keep at your side
which brings land to bloom;

do not stint in giving warmth
to those who come to you
and they who remain on earth!


Hail to Elpinike!
Hail to Athenais!
Hail to Regillus!
Hail to Lucius Claudius Herodes!
Hail to Attikos Bradua!
Hail to the Trophimoi!
Hail to the Family of Herodes Attikos


  1. Ave.

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