Posted by: aediculaantinoi | March 10, 2014

Oh No You Didgeri-Didn’t!

You may recall in this recent post that I mentioned a common line heard later on that night in Seattle after the main events of that occasion was along the lines of:

“How does that feel on your perineum?”

After the requisite debates about who does and does not have perinea (that would be the proper second-declension neuter plural of that fun bit of anatomy!), there was also the requisite empirical studies needed to determine the efficacy of said practices.

If you don’t believe me, here is photographic evidence of the same.

A random rocker-chick and future Mystes trying out the techniques of self-didgeridization and the perineal impacts pertaining thereunto...

A random rocker-chick and future Mystes trying out the techniques of self-didgeridization and the perineal impacts pertaining thereunto…

Special thanks to Michael Sebastian Lvx for providing the venue of hospitality wherein these experiments took place, and the photographic evidence of them as well.

As David Byrne once sang in “Wild, Wild Life”: “It’s scientific.” 😉


  1. This picture basically sums up my life.

  2. I had a friend bring me back a didgeridoo from Australia once. I couldn’t play it because I could barely lift it. It was made out of ironwood or something like that and the weight thereof is why women do not usually play the instrument. It never occurred to me to try the above depicted method. Clever.

    Did she get any sound out of it?😉

    • Not really…and especially in that position, almost not at all.

      (There are other photos of *someone-else-who-isn’t-me* providing the sound while she, then I, tried “riding” it…Ahem.)

      I can get the sound, but because I can’t do the breathing (and almost anything/everything that involves breathing in a certain controlled fashion, I can’t do, apart from speech and singing), it doesn’t really sound as good or as cool as it does with people who are properly trained in it.

      • Circular breathing can be learned! I’ve never managed it in the way required for didj playing, but I have managed the starter ‘trick’ of keeping air bubbles going out of the end of a reed dipped in water, while breathing.

      • Indeed–I tend to be bad with anything involving regulation of breathing (which is why I have a very good stroke technique, but can’t swim), and I have learned some of the rudiments of circular breathing, but still can’t manage it. Then again, I haven’t made a very concerted effort, when there have been other things impending upon me (e.g. translating documents, etc.)…

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