Posted by: aediculaantinoi | March 12, 2014

Paneros is coming to town…

I may have a further short post later today, but in the meantime (I don’t have much time)…

Here’s a photo of the statue of Paneros of the Tetrad++ Group I had commissioned last year, made by the amazing Jeff Cullen.


As far as I’m concerned, E is perfect, and is nearly my own mind’s eye in three-dimensional form…

I can’t wait for Em to arrive in the mail! I have been planning the ritual to enshrine Em, and perhaps it can even be done at some point next week on one of the major holy days (e.g. Apotheosis of Sabina?). We shall see!

In the future, I hope to have images of all six Tetrad++ deities produced, and if they’re half as good as this first one, they’ll be spectacular!

Hail, Thanks, and Praise to Paneros!
Hail, Thanks, and Praise to the Tetrad++ Group!


  1. Beautiful! How in the heck did you get the statue so soon? I sent a payment for $100 on an Antinous statue in October of 2012 and haven’t heard anything since then…

    • Because I not only paid at PantheaCon last year for a “rush” completion, but then about a month later paid again for an upgrade to my original order size-wise and a “double rush” on top of that. So, that little Paneros cost me about three times what your Antinous did, plus a bit more…which I’m happy to have paid considering the importance and the quality involved.

      • Well, there you go. As they say, money talks. 😉 I am anxiously awaiting my Antinous (and hoping for a good representation!)

      • I’ll be curious to see how he comes out! (And, as Jeff is now a Lupercus, and has an icon of Antinous that I gave him, that might help!)

      • In fairness, it doesn’t talk that loud–if “rush” means “thirteen months later”…! 😉

  2. What a spectacular image! Hail Paneros!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous.

  4. Glorious!

    • That is a word which comes to mind, yes! 😉 Your fellow Lupercus does good work, no?

  5. […] have been waiting for Em since early March, and had hoped E would be here for Eir birthday (which had already passed at the point that I saw […]

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