Posted by: aediculaantinoi | March 13, 2014

Would you, could you, in a canoe?

I might write something a bit more substantial later, but meanwhile, I’d like to advertise this…

This is my good friend Lucinda Diann, who was one of the first Assistai of the Antinoan Mysteries back in 2008. I have, alas, not seen much of her in the past few years, but she’s been busy with things (as have I!), but I know she’s made a few of these canoe trips during recent years. She needs to raise money to help with the expenses for these trips, and I’m all for spreading the word on that.

So, if it is your will and within your means to do so, consider making a donation to her GoFundMe campaign to help make this important cultural-spiritual activity possible for an awesome person!


  1. I could. I did.

    • …You crazy kid!

      (Okay, so I said that for the rhyme…I do it all the time! I mean, you know…!)

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