Posted by: aediculaantinoi | March 20, 2014

Ever Dance With Antinous By The Pale Moonlight?

I awoke last night to the full(ish) moon’s light coming through my window, illuminating my white bust of Antinous with blue light. He is perfectly positioned in the room such that the sun and the moon pour their light in to illuminate him. It’s quite a beautiful sight, but also somewhat scary and striking when one first sees him like that…a month passes and one forgets it long enough to then be surprised and frightened by it again the next month.

Imagine this, only with a pale blue-white rather than the red, and you get the idea of what I saw last night…I don’t have any programs that can alter photos at present, otherwise I’d have done this up proper for y’all!

A god who is beautiful, loving, and also scary though so familiar…what more could you want? 😉


  1. You’re a lucky guy to have la grande belleza Antionus in the moonlite..

    • You’re right about all of that, except the “guy” thing. 😉

      • whoops..;)

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