Posted by: aediculaantinoi | March 20, 2014

For Your Listening Pleasure on Pelusia…

Today in Neos Alexandria, it is the Pelusia.

This was the festival of the Nile held at Rome and other locations outside of Egypt. Even though they were far from the banks of the Holy River, its powers of fertility, strength, abundance, and sanctity could still be felt, because the Egyptian Nile was in fact only the earthly reflection of the true Nile, the Celestial River which flowed through the heavens, and upon which the gods steered their barques. Make offerings to the god in numbers of sixteen since this was a holy number for him through its connection to the Nileometers in Egypt. If you live near a body of water perform your ritual there, since all rivers and lakes are connected in Greek thought. Wade into the water, if possible, and feel the purifying force of the Nile’s child enfold you. Take some of the water home and sprinkle it throughout your house and on your shrines, asking the Nile to bless your home with his power and purity through the medium of his child. If you don’t have access to such bodies of water, use pure spring water in its place, first blessed in the name of Neilos.

The waters around here are a bit too cold to be getting in on this morning (it was less than 40 degrees here as I was being driven in to work!), so I won’t be doing that…but, I shall offer a poem below nonetheless.

Something else you can do on this day, if you are able and interested, is listen to one (or both!) of the following:

On Wyrd Ways Radio last night, Monte Plaisance was the guest, and Galina and Sannion had a very interesting discussion with him on a variety of topics. Have a listen!

On T. Thorn Coyle’s Elemental Castings, there was a recording of Dr. Amy Hale and Ryan Smith discussing Racialist Paganisms in the Solar Cross hospitality suite. This is a very interesting and important discussion as well…

And, in relation to something mentioned in the latter, I’d like to make a clarification. It was mentioned that in Idaho, Oregon, and Washington, the notion of “Cascadia” is often a buzz-word for neo-Nazi separatists and such. I was not aware of this before hearing this recorded discussion, which is especially upsetting to me, because, for example, I used that term in my fictional account of a time fifty years from now to indicate the country in which I would be living over at’s Pagan Channel. (Clearly, they were unaware of it as well, or else I suspect it would have been censored, or they’d have suggested I revise it.) “Cascadia” is a term that gets used in the (uber-liberal!) counter-cultural circles of the greater Seattle area, as well as elsewhere, for the distinctive regional identity that we have here, and there have been studies of the demographics of this area that have referred to us as such as well. So, in case you’re wondering whether or not I’m in support of any of the agendas suggested by such ideologies, I’m actually entirely against them. Just sayin’.

And now, a word for our Neilos.


To The Nile

The Egyptians called you many names,
among them the deity Hapi was prominent:

strangely dressed, breasted god,
overflowing with fertile abundance.


Like a bull from the deep overflowing
the Two Lands with your flood,

flowing out into the Mediterranean
and into the lakes of every land.


The oldest of Old Man Rivers,
the god the Greeks called Neilos,

the Romans Nilus, the breasts traded
for the hoary beard of all rivers.


You have been submerged too long,
your inundation has been blocked…

Flow again, fair river, into our hearts
in every drop of water we drink.


Dua Hapi!
Khaire Neile!
Ave Nile!

Hail, Thanks, and Praise to the Gods of the Nile–including Antinous!


  1. Re: Cascadia – I have literally never heard of anyone using it in that way before. There may be some crypto-fascists using it but the overwhelming amount of published material about Cascadia, and the people using it that I have seen have been, as you said, über-liberal.

    • Indeed, same here. If the folks we know and the circles we run in knew this, I think it would likewise create the same kind of cognitive dissonance we’re having hearing this. I mean, really: Leon Reed being a crypto-fascist? Nuh-uh. 😦

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