Posted by: aediculaantinoi | March 31, 2014

PantheaCon 2014: A Handy Index of the Posts Relating To It!

So, as promised, here’s the index/re-cap for all of the posts I’ve done on this. While the posts given below are not necessarily given in the order that they were written, they do correspond to the chronological order of how things happened at the con’ itself (as well as before and after it), or at least it does roughly. And, one of them is not found on this blog, even! So, go on ahead and have a look at any of these, if you like…


In the Airport On The Way There


The Ephesia Grammata
The Sanctification of Lady Olivia and Hyperion
The Sanctification according to Anomalous Thracian
The Rest of Friday and Saturday
Lupercalia 2014
Lupercalia (and other things) according to Anomalous Thracian
“Pagans and Privilege” Panel with T. Thorn Coyle and a Kick-Ass Panel!
Mega-Patheos Pagan Beverage and/or Breakfast Time!
Sunday (Socializing)
The Wiccanate Privilege Discussion
The Beard Blessing Ritual
The Youth Blessing Ritual


In the airpot again, but nearly home…
A Speech by Favorinus of Arles
A Poem for Duffi
A Poem for the Coru Cathubodua’s Temple of the Morrígan

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