Posted by: aediculaantinoi | April 6, 2014

A hint at something to come later this month…

How auspicious: this is my 1700th post! I’d like to thank the Academy… 😛


Though I have already revealed all–for those who know how to look for it–I have just had an interesting set of circumstances lead to the answering of a devotional question I have had for a week or two now, and looked at again (as I had written it down) earlier this evening.

Here’s the hint:

So, that should be crystal-clear, eh? 😉

NOTE: I’m not putting tags which indicate who this is on this entry, so as not to spoil the surprise! (Now that’s good thinkin’, innit?)

If you’d like to do the guessing game, feel free to…but, all shall be revealed in roughly two weeks…which is the time that the Megala Antinoeia will be happening, so allow this to be the first official announcement as well for that and the accompanying devotional/artistic agon for the occasion this year!


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