Posted by: aediculaantinoi | April 8, 2014

Megalensia 2014, Part Five

The bull’s blood flows like melting snows from Ida, blade
Acting as the sacred spring bringing flows not to tub
Underneath, like the baths in Rome, but instead the steady
Rain falls upon the priests and votaries who come, caustic
Orations of critics aside, the vain detractors
Believing that one must slice oneself like the Galli
Or be bereft of the Goddess’ favor, or those who yet
Lecture that proper Romans and balanced Greeks should not
In Asian and Phrygian Mysteries dabble…but the coda
Unknown to such fools is that the Great Mother Goddess
May yet hear the prayers of these, whether Galli or non-Galli.


Ave Magna Mater! Ave Attis! Ave Agdistis! Ave Galli! Ave tauri!

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