Posted by: aediculaantinoi | April 9, 2014

Megalensia 2014, Part Six

Give alms to this one, the whirling begging priest
At the service owed by them and the Archigallus
Love poured in blood by the sodality of the Galli,
Love for the Great Mother Goddess and her slain God
Until your pockets are empty because of your giving:
Such does not begin to equal their debt, not one iota.


Ave Mater Magna! Ave Cybele! Ave Attis!


  1. Very clever, the first letters of each line spelling out the name of the honoree. Somebody’s noticing.

    • And, when they’re all done tomorrow, the last letters of each line spell out the names of the honorees in reverse! I’ll do a post that has all of them together so that the full effect can be observed tomorrow after the last one is done.

      The difficulty of doing an acrostic hymn like this with a double acrostic is that it then makes it pretty much impossible to do any rhymes…which makes it harder, strangely enough, but having to do something where one must choose between limited options for words is always the challenge of the poet, and requires making virtues of necessity. 😉

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