Posted by: aediculaantinoi | April 14, 2014

Blood Red Moon Is Risin’…

First, a little music…

[I have not heard that song in years, and while I’ve thought of the great Dave Van Ronk a few times over the last few days, that song hadn’t occurred to me until tonight…!]

So, there’s a lunar eclipse tonight, and it is going to start within the hour. I probably won’t be able to see it from here, as the cloud cover is near total across the region tonight–we’ll probably have rain tomorrow. (This is sounding more and more like the blues song above…!)

Today is also the beginning of Passover for those who have any connection to Judaism, including those who are worshippers of Iao in Neos Alexandria. (Thank all of the gods I’m not a firstborn, or else I might be toast tonight…!) And, then tomorrow, likewise in Neos Alexandria, is the feast of Khonsu. Both of these festivals are linked to the moon…

But perhaps the most interestingly, at least for our purposes here, is that this is the first of four lunar eclipses that will be occurring over this year and next, which is known as a “Tetrad,” and which will not occur again until 2032/2033. Being that this is the Aedicula Antinoi, and the Tetrad++ is of great significance for us, perhaps these further dates should be considered in honor of our own Tetrad++ to some extent or another–or, perhaps, two pairs of them and then two singles can get the dates concerned.

And, Antinous himself has various lunar connections, too. Is this some leftover blood from the lion hunt, taken up by Selene? It could be…

What do you reckon?


  1. Last night was awesome! I was in my garden all night, leading up to a very important breakthrough. Going forward blood moons will be occasions of great significance.

    Hope all is well friend.🙂


    • Wonderful! I’m so glad to hear it! 😉

      Things aren’t terrific, but I will perhaps have more to say on that privately (and publicly) soon…

      • Everything is hanging together so well I may have to build a shrine to The Dude’s Rug in honor of it all.😉

        Sorry to hear things aren’t going well. Hopefully they’ll get better soon.

  2. Relevant to your interests! I just came across this Antinous-related item via Tumblr:

    • Wow! Fascinating! I shall post about that momentarily…And just in time, too, since our Megala Antinoeia is coming up next week! Thank you so much for passing that along!

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