Posted by: aediculaantinoi | April 16, 2014

Megala Antinoeia Approaches…

So, the Megala Antinoeia is coming up next Monday. I hope you’re all working on devotional art projects of various kinds–and the more “non-poetry” things that are done, the better! 😉

In the meantime (and thank you, Merri-Todd, for telling me about this!), some news from late antiquity relating to this very same event (though when in the year they celebrated it is not known to me at present): bribery and wrestling with Nicantinous at the Megala Antinoeia in Antinoöpolis according to an Oxyrhynchus Papyrus fragment!


More from the article linked to above:

In the contract, the father of a wrestler named Nicantinous agrees to pay a bribe to the guarantors (likely the trainers) of another wrestler named Demetrius. Both wrestlers were set to compete in the final wrestling match of the 138th Great Antinoeia, an important series of regional games held along with a religious festival in Antinopolis, in Egypt. They were in the boys’ division, which was generally reserved for teenagers.

Fascinating, no?

Now, let this not be license to decide that cheating to win honors in the name of Antinous is good, by any means! 😉


  1. Damn, I’ve started working on a poem for the occasion. Well, I can just put it up on my blog, if poetry is no longer wanted for the occasion.

    • No, poetry is most certainly welcome–in fact, anything creative and artistic is–but we so rarely end up having anything other than poetry, I wanted to encourage those with skills in other areas to submit things. Those of us who are primarily poets will, of course, do what we’re best known for, and that’s great! 😉

  2. […] year, as mentioned a short while back, we have a Megala Antinoeia artistic agon. I’ve been rather disappointed at the lack of […]

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