Posted by: aediculaantinoi | April 17, 2014

Give As You Are Able…

So, between my last post and this one, I’ve seen four things else-internet that involve fundraising or lending help in various other ways, which I feel compelled to share here–though I won’t be able to support these campaigns very much, I can at least help out in spreading the word.

Bob Mathis Friedman

First, this gorgeous gentleman is Bob Mathis-Friedman, who was the presenter of the first session at the first PantheaCon I attended in 2007, and he’s been an important and delightful part of every PantheaCon I’ve attended ever since…with the exception of this last year (Feb. of 2014), because he had a massive stroke in December. Amongst other things, Bob is an Assistai in the Antinoan Mysteries and a Lupercus, thus his standing in the work of the Ekklesía Antínoou, and his esteem therein, is very high indeed. He has been involved in multicultural, interfaith, and queer activism for decades, and is also (amongst other things) a trained anthropologist, an expert on comics, a first-responder, a dancer, and any number of other wonderful and fascinating things, in addition to being just a damned sexy individual, a wonderful person, and a fantastic conversationalist. I’m happy to know he’s on the road to recovery, but he needs help. Fundraising for his transition from full-time medical care in hospitals to a private home and a life after his difficulties and his process of recovery is underway.

Further, the famed trans* activist, author, and educator Kate Bornstein is having a further bout of medical treatment for cancer, and needs assistance in fundraising for that. She has come through treatment for lung cancer as well as can possibly be hoped, but it seems this further hurdle is in the way in the meantime, so all the support she can get would be wonderful.

Further, Sannion has written about a recently-transitioned woman who has lost her job, place of residence, and pretty much all her livelihood as a result of her transition. If you have any way you can help, please get in touch with Sannion.

And finally, Alyxander Folmer is having a fundraising matching campaign, in association with Heathens United Against Racism, to raise funds for the Jewish Community Center shooting’s victims and families from last Monday. This is a really important moment for the polytheist communities to make an impact on a wider and more public scale with humanitarian action in solidarity with survivors from other religious traditions, so it’s a very good cause indeed.

If you are able, please give as generously as you can to all of these worthy causes and the individuals who will be directly benefited because of them. And if you are not able, please spread the word, and keep these different individuals in your prayers meanwhile.


  1. It sucks that she’s dealing with cancer again, but jusg out of curiosity (and in part cos you’re one of few people I know who might know) did Bornstein ever apologise for endorsing that lesbian blogger’s “butch flight [anti-FTM]” post? If you forgot about it (or never knew), unfortunately I lost track of the screencaps I took, but I can point to several blogs who wrote about being disappointed (and then some) that after she got hers, she went and turned gatekeeper on half the trans community.

    • I don’t know that for certain, but I have heard rumors to that effect. Even independent of that, Lee Harrington seems to be on good terms with Kate and her girlfriend Barbara, and Lee is ftm, so I don’t suspect he’d be in support of or good friends with someone who objects to his existence. When I met Kate back in 2001, she didn’t seem to have any enmity for anyone, at least that I could tell or that came across in her public statements at the conference…

      • It’s possible he might not know she said it, or it’s even possible he’s on her side about it. I was still reading her Twitter when she posted it, and was reading her Twitter up to the point she announced she was blocking anyone who was angered by what she said. This was only in 2011 she said it.

      • I seriously doubt Lee Harrington is on the side of anyone playing gate-keeper to the trans* community, or to being against ftm folks, since he is one…

      • I can’t say that I know anything about Lee Harrington, but remember that Phillipina-American Michelle Malkin has defended the internment of Asian Americans (and racial profiling as a whole) and there were many women in the anti-suffrage of the early 20th. I wouldn’t find it any stranger if a trans man got behind the notion that “all the butches are disappearing from the lesbian community because they’re being tricked into believing they’re trans!”

      • Based on what I know of Lee (I don’t know him as well as I’d like, but I do know him fairly well at this stage), I don’t think that’s a statement he would get behind at all.

      • And there was a minority of Free Blacks in the Confederate Army.

        What makes sense to others isn’t necessarily in line with the stance a person is willing to defend.

  2. […] boosting this post from my friend Sufenas for several people who are in need of financial assistance at this time. I sent e two of the stories yesterday and am glad to see them gaining more visibility: for Bob (a […]

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