Posted by: aediculaantinoi | April 17, 2014

Hadrian, Philosophy, and…Seattle?!?

Name three things that you can’t connect together coherently, P.S.V.L.!

So, this is an example that won’t satisfy the above request…!?! 😉 A two links to things that I think are very interesting and useful, and then a further matter having to do with today’s event-of-note on my calendar.

We’ll start with Hadrian, since he is one of the great recipients of cultus in the efforts of the present blog and our religious practices more generally in the Ekklesía Antínoou–and I thank Erynn Laurie for notifying me of the following matter. In the ever-evolving and interesting exhibits they have been having over the last few years at Hadrian’s Villa, currently they have an exhibit highlighting Hadrian’s relationship to and interest in Greece, which includes statuary of (and likely by!) Herodes Attikos, and one of Antinous as well. I wish I could be there…but, perhaps I can get the exhibit catalogue when it comes out in absence of a visit. (Though I hope Erynn gets to visit, now that she lives in Italy!)

Hadrian was very interested in philosophy, so we’ll move on to philosophy next! Last night on Wyrd Ways Radio with Galina Krasskova and Sannion, the guest was Edward Butler (starting about 62 minutes in), one of the few philosophers in modern paganism and polytheism who actually deserves the name and is doing excellent interpretive work historically as well as new applications and expansions of traditional philosophical theories. One of the most useful things he does in this podcast, in reaponse to a direct question from Galina, is explain why the monism of Plato and his school is inherently polytheistic, but quite contrary to how those in modern paganism who say they’re “monists and polytheists” understand monism (which is more based on a pseudo-Vedic style of monism rather than Platonism). I highly recommend listening to this, and I can’t wait to meet Edward in person (and many other notables I’ve not yet met in-the-flesh!) at the Polytheist Leadership Conference this summer!


And finally, Hadrian loved architecture, and in particular showed a liking for circular forms, which is quite in contrast to the majority of Roman (and, for that matter, Greek) architecture. Thus, I suspect he’d have found a certain fifty-one-year old building interesting, which is good, because it’s the birthday of the Space Needle, one of my favorite landmarks in Seattle!

While I’d love to say that I’d marked this occasion today by having Edward, Erynn, Sannion, and Galina over for a walk and discussion of Hadrian’s philosophical interests on the observation deck of the Space Needle, followed by brunch at the restaurant therein, alas, that wasn’t in the cards for this year. But maybe another time…

Meanwhile, I hope it is drier where you are, and you’ve had more (and better) sleep than I have! 😉


  1. Hadrian has very good taste! And Seattle has proved him right with the Space Needle. (Ahh, can’t believe I missed its birthday!)

    I’ve felt very out of the loop within the polytheistic community. Perhaps tuning in to the radio show will help me ‘reset’.

    • It’s a very good show to listen to when an episode occurs, certainly.

      I’m not entirely sure, though, that there is a “polytheist community” as such quite yet; we’re working to build one, but there are so many misunderstandings, people worried about “the scourge of eclecticism” and keeping culturally pure, and any number of other things that might mitigate against its existence…so, do what you can with whichever groups you might be able to, but likely enough just keeping in touch with and keeping tabs on different polytheist bloggers you like will go a long way toward making sure you’re informed. (Or, at least it should, in theory!)

      • Indeed, even lurking on different polytheism and pagan blogs has been enough (for now) to keep abreast of think the debate over what it means to be a pagan and a polytheist. While I don’t have the same vehemence over the definitions, I’ve encountered the same gap between different spiritualities.

        Visiting a Druid group in Seattle (very nice people!), nevertheless I felt a big gap between them, like a baseball player visiting a soccer team*. Both have some basic rules, but the rules that set them apart are what make them what they are (baseball and soccer, respectively in this analogy).

        *I am not good at either sport😉.

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