Posted by: aediculaantinoi | April 25, 2014

Serapeia 2014


Hail to Serapis, whose hair is like the fleece of a thousand sheep upon his head;
Hail to Serapis, whose beard is like the beards of a thousand goats upon his chin;
Hail to Serapis, whose right hands holds a thousand attributes of a thousand gods;
Hail to Serapis, whose left hand holds the leashes and bridles of a thousand dogs and horses;
Hail to Serapis, whose shoulders support the weight of a thousand different garments;
Hail to Serapis, whose feet are adorned by the straps of a thousand different sandals;
Hail to Serapis, whose head wears the crowns of a thousand different kings;
Hail to Serapis, whose lips and tongue form the words of a thousand different languages.

In all of those languages, praise to him;
the peoples of all of those kings bend the knee to him;
the blessings of all of those gods are upon him;
the graces of the spirits of a thousand lands are with him.

Hail to Serapis on this day!

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