Posted by: aediculaantinoi | April 28, 2014

Floralia 2014, Part One


Flowers of Apotheosis

I. Lotis

For fear, she was turned into a flower,
a tree on the water’s edge, a danger
to those who picked its leaves from bright bower.
Revelling Dionysos, no stranger
to nymphs nor transformations, was her peer;
and braying donkey far from the manger
sounded the alarm which came to her ear
of Priapus’ lustful approach; revile
was Lotis’ response, and she ran in fear
from what unchecked desire would defile
away to the safety of sandy shore–
her flower, born there, would spread to the Nile
and to India afar, and much more.
Flora met her, gently placed about her
a fair white mantle reaching to the floor,
and calmed her, bade her not in fear to stir,
but to stand upright and face pursuer,
and meet with beauty the slavering cur.
Lust was blinded, and unseen by viewer
Lotis’ blossom was saved from wrongdoer.


  1. This is beautiful.

    • Thank you! More installments to follow in the coming days…

      And, I still owe you an e-mail…perhaps after class tomorrow…! 😉

      • Yay. Also, no worries.🙂

    • Word!

      • Indeed–several of them! 😉 But seriously, thank you! (And thanks for participating in the hymn!)

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