Posted by: aediculaantinoi | April 29, 2014

Floralia 2014, Part Two


Flowers of Apotheosis

II. Hyakinthos

The sturdy Spartan youth, Hyakinthos,
was lucky that Apollon noticed him;
but, ill of fortune, jealous Zephyros
likewise admired his zeal and youthful vim,
and with a wind that put discus off course
made the light in his fair eyes to grow dim.
Before Apollon’s lovely face’s remorse
and his divine limbs caught his fallen form,
and lamenting nymphs in cries would grow hoarse,
Flora came to his side in petal’s storm
to transmute his wounds and blood to beauty,
and make his cold flesh in afterlife warm.
Her fragrant skin, scented sweetly fruity
revived his senses, returned him his soul–
now his transformation was her duty.
For every victory a flowered stole
she placed about his frame, and stacked up high
his frame from head to waist surrounded whole
with blossom garlands pleasing to the eye,
memorials for Apollon’s deep sigh.


  1. I decided I would observe the Floralia–despite having wet, chill, windy weather that is beating down the lovely tulips in the park and stripping the blossoms off the trees. Last night I offered some food I had cooked (I don’t actually *cook dinner* every night), and this evening I took a tip from Sannion: I put on some music from Carmina Burana (the real Carmina Burana, the medieval tunes) and danced to a couple of my favorites. I’m a bit out of breath, but I feel great.

    • Wonderful! The most important thing is to “do something,” no matter how small it may seem…

      The last few days have been the first properly-nice days we’ve had here all year, and it was in the high 70s (and maybe even the 80s) today…truly auspicious, though some of our ritualists today didn’t plan for that, and might have sunburns. I was wise enough to go back for my hat before we started, and commented “there’s nothing nice about a sunburned scalp,” and Dr. LaBombard gave me a good “Iroquois retort”: “Better that than not having a scalp at all!” 😉

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