Posted by: aediculaantinoi | April 30, 2014

Floralia 2014, Part Three


Flowers of Apotheosis

III. Osiris

A tamarind tree, its branches with fruits
was the result when Osiris was killed,
sealed tight in drifting wood without true roots
as slowly his lordly lungs became filled
no longer with breath, instead with water
along Nile’s banks with ibises sharp-billed.
Not a blue, white, nor red lotus–hotter
than all other flowers with lion’s blood–
did he become, causing search of daughter
of Nut and Geb, far away from the flood
in Egypt, and far too from the rushes
of papyrus reeds, the trees limbs would bud
fragrantly, despite Set’s weapons’ crushes
upon his limbs, the gift of Flora’s grace
enfolded him in bark, his skin brushes
against hers to take root in a fair place
blessed with beauty, fit for children of kings,
and his tree would come before royal face…
but Isis, ever-loyal, to him brings
renewal more joyous than sun of Springs.


  1. Beautiful. Dua Osiris!

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