Posted by: aediculaantinoi | May 1, 2014

Androklos and Antinous 2014

A Boar in Ephesus

A fish and a boar, so the oracle at Delphi
told the Athenian hunter, devotee of Athena
and of holy Demeter the giver of laws.

The young and intrepid colonist, given the name
of the fabled man who helped an injured lion
was skilled at spears and making snares.

He followed the boar’s tracks into the fens
and found the beast standing by the water,
a fish jumping insistently at its side.

A sacrifice was made that night
of fish and of boar to Athena and Demeter,
a distant echo of mysteries in Eleusis and Athens.

In the last watches of night, Androklos saw
a thing of wonder descend from the heavens:
the strange shape of Artemis of Ephesus.

He dreamed a vision the following night,
of the strange words that would surround her
and protect and divine for those who knew them.

He also dreamed of a bearded Emperor–
not a conqueror, but a lover of Athens and Greekness,
who would come and rebuilt the temple,

and bring with him an image of a young hunter,
a distant cousin, a descendant, a little brother
to Androklos of Ephesus: Antinous of Bithynia.


Khaire Androkle! Khaire Khaire Antinoe!


  1. […] writing a poem for this occasion this year; but, considering I have already written two-and-a-sixth poems today already, that might have been excessive, even for me…I may do so later on today, […]

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