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Floralia 2014, Part Four

"Miach of Samhain" by Seamus O'Ceallaigh

“Miach of Samhain” by Seamus O’Ceallaigh

Flowers of Apotheosis

IV. Miach

Dian Cécht did not like the cure given
to Núada’s arm by Miach’s great skills,
and so by Flora Miach was shriven
when Dian Cécht’s sword his skillful son kills.
Whatever the reason his life cut short
the grace of Flora over his form spills,
and transforms flesh to herb and bone to wort
and every drop of blood to shoots so sweet–
his life’s ending, and many more, to thwart.
What seemed cessation and death as defeat
was not so, for that which is cut grows back
and death fertilizes in soil of peat.
A god’s life and death fills in for a lack
even when it seems fullness is in place
and the chain of being falters, is slack…
the god’s body with healing filled the space
to win battles and flourish in the land,
though which herb was good for what left no trace:
taking the god himself to understand
the power to re-grow a severed hand.


  1. This has been a really interesting series of poems. I eagerly await the rest of the sequence.

    • Thank you!

      I’m kind of curious about the next two days myself…I know what Saturday’s will be, to finish off the series, but I have no idea what tomorrow’s is going to be…!?! How exciting! 😉

  2. […] had debated writing a poem for this occasion this year; but, considering I have already written two-and-a-sixth poems today already, that might have been excessive, even for me…I may do so later on today, […]

  3. […] Debates,” in which I discussed the story of Núada’s silver hand, Dían Cécht, and Míach (who got a section of my Floralia poem earlier this month). For a kin-slaying to take place amongst the Túatha Dé is something of an enormity, and so that […]

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