Posted by: aediculaantinoi | May 6, 2014

What Are They Saying About Me, You Might Be Wondering…?

Actually, anyone who wonders that about me (as opposed to themselves) has WAY too much time on their hands, but oh well. 😉


Quite a while ago (in late February, in fact), I announced the release of Abraxas #5 by Fulgur Ltd.. Last Friday, I got a copy of it in the mail, and have not had a chance to look at it too heavily yet, but it’s certainly a lovely volume that is beautifully produced. My article in it is called “Antinous and Glykon: The Gods of Good Hair in Late Antique Anatolia.” (Nice alliteration, huh?) It was a fun article to write, and to produce the photos for, and I had been looking forward to writing it for several years when I finally put finger to keyboard on it specifically last fall, and got in touch with Pam Grossman about it. And, a small pile of (very pleasant!) e-mails with her and several others later, the article was accepted, and now it has been produced!

(This being me, though, I was upset when re-reading my article that a few new references on Glykon with some further insights that I wish I could have included, alas, only got to me about two weeks ago…!?! Nothing that requires any editing or revision of what was said therein, by any means, but I’m a rather horrible completist and thorough researcher known to never shy away from creating a page-long footnote, so another name to add in is always good in my book!)

The only other article I’ve been able to read at this stage was the one by Carolyn Wise on Lady Olivia Robertson, who is (of course!) a Sancta of the Ekklesía Antínoou. I am looking forward to delving into Edward Butler’s piece in the near future, if all goes well…

But, in the meantime, Brandy Williams, who has a new column at’s Pagan Channel called “Star and Snake” (!), just did a review of Abraxas #5, which you can read here. One paragraph toward the end stands out in relation to my subject line above:

The book closes with a presentation by P. Sufenas Virius Lupus on the cults of the last gods of Rome, “Antinous and Glykon: The Gods of Good Hair in Late Antique Anatolia.” {Eir] work exemplifies the best contemporary esoteric scholarship, grounded in meticulous research, informed by personal practice, illustrated with images from private altars, and challenging both academic and occultist prejudices with tongue-in-cheek flair.

That is high praise indeed, and I appreciate it truly. (And if that is Brandy’s assessment of my article, and other folks agree with her, then I can say “Mission accomplished!”) Thank you, Brandy!

You can get your own copy of Abraxas #5 here. So, go ahead, if you would like to! 😉

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