Posted by: aediculaantinoi | May 7, 2014


Prepare ye the way of the Lord Antinous!

Nope, sorry: wrong “good news”…though I feel the following photo should accompany this:


As many of you know, the phrase “gainfully employed” only applies to me in a philosophical sense: yes, I am employed (part-time, though I spend as much time here as full-timers do, and then some…and probably do more work than most of them, too), but I’m losing more money each year on accrued student loan interest than I am making, in addition to what I already owe them, so there’s not much “gainful” about it at the moment, other than it bringing in enough to keep the collections agents away from the door constantly.

The job search goes ever onward, so they say, and I’ve always got my eyes peeled for new ones, and I apply for them when I can, if I think I can make a good argument for them.

Evergreen College is a very alternative state school here in Washington. While I never went there (since I went to Sarah Lawrence, which was in a sense one of the inspirations for Evergreen), and have actually never even visited, nonetheless I’ve known of it and admired it for many years. They had an opening, I applied, and it seems that I’ll be teaching a liberal studies course next year that will include medieval literature and history (with a good bit of Celtic amidst that!), some ancient Greek and Roman stuff as well, world religions and general religious studies topics, sexuality studies, and even a new course that I’ll be piloting on pagan studies!

There was a set of figures released recently on the wages of state college and university professors in Washington, and some of them make upwards of $200,000 a year. As a starting assistant professor with several degrees, I won’t be making that much initially; however, the opening salary is $87,523 per annum, which is quite nice! So, I’ll be able to start paying back what I owe the government and other lenders, and thus will truly be gainfully employed!

This also means that I’ll not only be able to fund a double hospitality suite at PantheaCon next year, but I’ll also be able to bring about five assistants of various sorts with me, to include students, Mystai, and even a friend of mine who isn’t exactly pagan, but has always wondered about it, and said she’d make herself useful to me by providing massages each night. (And by that I mean “actual massages,” not anything else–you sick-minded freaks.) That will be nice, needless to say…

I slept really poorly last night, which is unfortunate since I have a full day (and more) ahead of me, but I’m very happy to have lost the sleep for the reason that I did: no, not poetry writing or writing an article or devotional activities, but good old fashioned sex, which was very good indeed, but not remotely old fashioned. (Unless they had variable speed vibrators made of…what? Wood and tesla coils or something?) I happened to meet a friend of one of my students, who was visiting from out of town, who is 23 years old, absolutely gorgeous, and he’s considering doing an M.A. in queer studies after having been in the Navy and getting a B.A. simultaneously (through a different branch of the same college I teach at out at the Naval base here!), and with a face you could die for, or even kill for. (Though, admittedly, he’s no Antinous, but he could give most modern celebrities a run for their money, if you ask me!) He also has a crazy underwear and speedo fetish, and two tool-bags worth of other fetishes as well. In the interests of full disclosure, he has one of the smallest penises I’ve ever seen on another living human in-person–I guess you can’t have everything, right?–but that doesn’t really matter, because I have always liked ancient Greek ideals of beauty, small cocks actually make fellatio fun for me (as I really don’t like it at all otherwise), and plus, he’s got tools, and knows how to use them EXTREMELY WELL, so there’s no worries there. While not quite as perfectly toned as the guy pictured below, and a bit shorter (I suspect), this is a pretty good approximation:


It’s been ages since I’ve just laid back and said “Go ahead,” and that he did, and then some…and, though we said a rather bittersweet goodbye this morning, he will be back later this month (he left a bunch of things with my student that he needs to pick up), and that will actually coincide with my birthday, which will mean that this will be the first birthday I’ve ever spent fucking with someone other than myself! I can’t wait to turn 38, let me tell you! 😉

So, all in all, this has been a fantastic day thus far, and it will only get better, I am guessing…

I shall now end by directing you to a post from last year–pay particular attention to how that one ends, and you’ll see how all of this has been foreseen by me, in a strange sort of way…


  1. May 7 is an interesting date. I hope you got the job and that your night was as adventurous as it sounds…But! Jobs with salary mentioned? Boyfriend with full disclosure? Hmm…And I’m not sure you want either…

    • The key is in looking at the link I gave at the end, and following the directions I gave in directing folks to it…

      • Thanks for that I had spotted it…

  2. congratulations!

    • Thank you!

      You should know, in the interests of full disclosure, that one of the tools said attractive non-Priapic boy had included the brand-name “Sanford.” With an artistic hand and a Sharpee, it now says “Sannion,” and you’ll be pleased to know that what he did with it was worthy of Your Phallic Awesomeness yourself! 😉 I’ve already got him slated to come and do a demo at Evergreen for one of the queer studies classes, when we go over BDSM matters. It will be great when he asks the audience for volunteers for a few of the things he’s got planned (all of which can be done clothed)!

      Hermes is an awesome god, in all the gifts he gives us…I hope to employ them to good effect in a short while.

  3. You had me for a little while there. Very sly!

    • Every good lie is mixed in with a bit of truth, and there’s a lot of truth at the beginning…but after that, not so much. 😉

      Question: did you or Sannion have more input into the creation of Boukoklepteia? It’s a lovely occasion, and I love celebrating it–both here, and in ways that actually end up being to my benefit in other circumstances! 🙂

      • I think that one was entirely Sannion’s idea.

  4. This is fantastic news! Congratulations! You’ll love Olympia.

  5. Yes, you had me going too. What Dver said, you sly canid!!

  6. Every time I see the picture in this post, I have to go look at pictures of Benedict Cumberbatch to purify myself.

    • Because this guy is too hot, or this guy isn’t hot enough?

      Yeah, I’d agree: Prof. Farnsworth isn’t really my cup of tea, either.

  7. YES! Congratulations!

    • …and this is where I get to start singing “Never Gonna Give You Up”, right? *headdesk*

  8. Haha, what a great tradition. Hope all is well.❤

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  11. Sounds like a very good day indeed.

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