Posted by: aediculaantinoi | May 8, 2014

A Most Unusual Post…

I’m posting from a liminal position at the moment: an airport, specifically the one in Paganistan, i.e. Minneapolis-St. Paul. I’m waiting for my plane for Kalamazoo. The last twelve hours have seen me go from Anacortes to Sea-Tac to Detroit and now to here. (It annoys me to no end that I have to fly backwards to fly forwards, so to speak, on this end of the trip.)

In case any of you wondered, this post yesterday was complete bunkum, hokum, hooey, and hogwash, with the following exceptions:

1. My musings about gainful employment and my current situation toward the beginning.

2. That I am extremely tired and didn’t sleep well on Tuesday night. (That’s even more applicable now, because I’ve had less than ten minutes of sleep since the crappy sleep I had Tuesday night/Wednesday morning in the course of my flights!)

3. That I don’t enjoy fellatio–performing it or receiving it.

4. I do like certain aspects of the ancient ideal of Greek beauty, including the ones I specifically cited.

So, there you go. Happy Boukoklepteia! (Yesterday…)

Because I didn’t sleep much on the long leg of my journey today, I ended up watching The Monuments Men on the plane. It was enjoyable, but I think I’d like to see it again in its full form in a nicer environment to really fully appreciate it. Though the main two objects they focused on recovering are important pieces of Christian art, the wider themes–blatantly stated at several points–were much more universal and about history and culture. (And George Clooney’s character, as well as others, used the phrase “we are tasked with” at several points, which reminded me of…Galina!) There are too many people in Christian culture who would say about some of these pieces of art, “They’re just things,” so in many respects what the film is about–people who would voluntarily risk and give their lives for the sake of mere things–is a profoundly counter-Christian phenomenon, in many respects, and thus should be appreciated even if the main focus is Michelangelo’s “Madonna and Child” and the Ghent altar screen.

Okay, my free wi-fi privileges are about to expire, so I had better close this up. When I arrive in Kalamazoo, I’m going to register, get my room, and go to bed! Maybe book-ogling later, and dinner certainly, and perhaps hanging out with folks, but I’ve written off the sessions for today. (It’s a wonder worthy of an acknowledged miracle that I have written this piece…which is truly sad!) But, there will be more over the next few days, even if only briefly in the morning or evening.

May all of your gods bless you who are reading this! 🙂


  1. Oh, I’m so blasted sick of that “just things” line, about *any* thing. You never know what might be significant to someone or why, or how much thought might actually be put into it/gotten out of it, or the quality that thought might attain. It’s the keep-up-with-the-Joneses, status-grubbing, use-and-discard, sell-more-of-whatever-it-is aspect of this culture that’s given “things” a bad name.

  2. […] may recall that last week, I made the following post for Boukoklepteia. Of course, I then revealed (while on the road the following day) that most of that post was nonsense, in the tradition of […]

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