Posted by: aediculaantinoi | May 10, 2014

The best laid plans of mice and metagenders…sometimes happen!

Still in Kalamazoo.

I had hoped to be making the present post several hours earlier than now, but I got to hanging out with my good friend from Ireland, and singing…and ended up doing a bit of “Hadriane” for my troubles, which prompted the same response from a person I just met as it did at the last PantheaCon: “You should do an album!” 😉

Today, I’ve accomplished almost everything I had planned to: I went to a session this morning on various Irish and Germanic topics (including Irish law, fosterage, high crosses, and a very interesting paper on Vikings and apocalypses that featured Loki, Sigyn, Odin, and Váli, amongst others!); I chaired a session on visual imagery in Marguerite Porete and St. John of the Cross; and I also attended a session on Harry Potter, and will now not only be submitting an article for an anthology on Harry Potter and medievalism, but TWO of them…hurrah!

This morning, I went to see if a certain book I saw yesterday was in a price range I could afford at present…and it looked like it might not be. The bookseller in question said “This is a rare book, and a valuable one at that,” and my heart sank, and then he said, “But you seem interested in it, so I’d price it at $60, but with the 20% discount for this conference, I’ll give it to you for $48 plus tax.” The book in question is an edition, translation, and commentary on Isidorus’ hymns for Isis in the temple of Isis-Renenutet at Medinet Madi, which is of great interest to me, and I was only wishing for such a book a few weeks ago, literally…So, that was wonderful! Hail and thanks to Isis for that!

I had dinner, attended the Pseudo Society (which was 2/3 good this year), and then was at a reception for a bit, and decided I’d leave at 9:40. Then, just as I was about to leave closer to 10, my good Irish friend showed up, and, well, you know the rest. It also included meeting someone doing her graduate work on the Morrígan, and someone else who lived a few islands up from where I live now, and whose mother used to run one of the branches of the college I teach at! Small world…

I did not go to the dance, and had not intended to go…and I’m glad I didn’t, because if I had, I’d be up at least another two hours, most likely. I’m going to have a late-ish breakfast, do one more round of the book room and get some brochures (but no more books!), go to a session my Irish friend is on at 10 AM, and then we’ll have our final lunch, and I’ll come back to the room, get ready, and go to the airport and fly out around 5 PM local time tomorrow night, to arrive back in Seattle just before 10 PM.

And then, things are definitely afoot once I’m back in Washington, too…

I hope all of you are well!


  1. I’m exhausted just reading this! Congratulations on a conference well-spent. All praise to Isis, indeed, for a reasonable bookseller!

    • I’m in the airport in Kalamazoo now…it’s OVER, finally…Though it was good, it was especially exhausting this year for some reason, even though I went to about half of the sessions that I usually do, and also took the shuttle around campus much more than ever before.

      Eeesh…Happy Mothers’ Day, incidentally! 😉

  2. You *should* do an album. I mean, I would totally buy a recording of Antinoan prayers sung to the tunes you employ.

    Interestingly, the Latin texts do generate tunes in my head. I think this is what forty years of listening to plainsong and medieval music does to you. They either sound vaguely like Hildegard of Bingen or less vaguely like tunes from the Carmina Burana manuscript.

    • I certainly like both Hildegard and CB (though I do like Orff’s version more than the “actual” medieval versions I’ve heard, for the most part)!

      Most of the tunes I use for these things are based on Krishna Das kirtans, actually, but not always…and that works pretty well for the most part. While I do like some of the Latin mass tunes I’ve heard over the years, I try not to make our rituals feel even more like “Roman” (by which most people mean “Catholic”) rituals…!?! 😉

  3. […] you know, I was at Kalamazoo for the last few days…and Saturday the 10th was a very busy day. (But I did happen to obtain a book about Disocorus of Aphrodito that day, and he is one of our […]

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