Posted by: aediculaantinoi | May 13, 2014

An Earnest Entreaty…

I am on the road again…and am typing this from the safety of a (relatively inexpensive!) hotel room in one of the northeastern suburbs of Seattle. I made the long trek down here today (leaving my office at 1:15 PM, and arriving here to the hotel right around 7 PM) because of something that will be occurring in the morning, about which I’m very anxious, but also highly optimistic.

You may recall that last week, I made the following post for Boukoklepteia. Of course, I then revealed (while on the road the following day) that most of that post was nonsense, in the tradition of Boukoklepteia. However, that post last Wednesday had in common with my Boukoklepteia post from the previous year a report of some “good news” regarding getting dream jobs. Not surprisingly, it doesn’t take too much psychologizing to figure out that because of my very bad luck in that regard, it’s something I desire highly, and have hoped and prayed for these many years.

I don’t have ultra-good news on that front yet, but I hope to soon…

I had a phone interview last week for a job I applied for in March. Tomorrow, for most of the day, I have an on-site interview, tour of the school, and also get to guest teach in one of the classes. It’s a prep school rather than a college, which I have to admit I was somewhat resistant to the idea of for many years, mainly because even if the quality of students at such places tends to be higher and they are a lot more motivated, at the same time, raging youthful hormones can have a negative impact on even the best students, and I would rather not deal with that. However, I realized over the last few months that at my current college teaching job, anywhere from a third to more-than-half of my students in many of the courses I teach have been high school students (juniors and seniors), and some of them are quite good students and do extremely well…so, this would only involve teaching younger students as well rather than college-aged ones and mature students.

I also got to thinking that one of my biggest gripes about both the high school and college-aged students I teach is that the public school system has failed them, and not adequately prepared them in any of the basic skills (especially reading and writing), and I can only do so much to address those lacks in a history or religion course in college. How could I have an impact on this short of entirely changing the public school system (which I couldn’t realistically do)? Well, this seems like a really good opportunity to help in that regard, and to make sure that some students are adequately prepared for college and later life. The philosophy of the school where I’d be working is exemplary in this and many other regards, and I am very excited about the prospect of potentially working there.

So, I’m going to do some further research tonight, take some notes on the subject I’ll be teaching tomorrow, and hope for the best.

No, alas, I did not happen upon a water nymph as in the above painting by Waterhouse (nor the dude in the woods…I’d be lucky to find or be found by either!), but I hope some nymphs might be involved in what happened earlier nonetheless. I have not been in a pool since doing Inundation at PantheaCon; last month, I was in a hotel and had hoped to be able to go to the pool, but it didn’t work out for various reasons. While I got the present hotel I’m in due to its location, I was pleased to find out they have an outdoor heated pool. Once I got here, got settled in, had some dinner, and then got some snacks for later, I came back, had a shower, and then went down to the pool for a bit. It was a beautiful day today, the sun had moved low enough that I didn’t have to worry about getting sunburned at all, and it was a great day for being in a pool. The Tarot Card of the Day by HiC today (May 13th) was the Empress, and one of the specific things stated in the write-up was “Be naked in the Sun, feeling and reveling in the warmth as the tips of the rays tickle your flesh and you experience the vibrancy of being alive, the wholeness and richness and sensory invitations of your body.” Now, while public nudity isn’t something I do, not only because it’s illegal in most places but also because it doesn’t suit me very well (for a variety of reasons), nonetheless, I was probably a bit more bare than many people would prefer…when I’m at the pool, I usually am. 😉

I considered doing the Inundation ritual, but once I was in the water, I was not feeling very sure on my feet, and though I did dunk under once, it felt a bit too much like drowning at this point…and that’s not a good state in which to do Inundation. So, rather than do that, I just sat there, in the not-as-warm-as-I-had-thought-nor-as-clean-as-I’d-prefer pool water, up to my neck in it, and just thought for a bit about my situation.

No, it wasn’t a formal introduction to the nymphs and land spirits of this area; but, it was about as close as I could get to submerging myself in the ground near to where this job might find me for the foreseeable future, and I hope that being in the water of this area was an introduction of sorts to the nymphs and other spirits of place near here, or as much of one as I can do on little notice, with not-enough-sleep.

So, the “earnest entreaty” of my title here is that I’m asking for anyone’s prayers and good thoughts for my success tomorrow, and my prosperity in the future. I had a Shinto ceremony done for this the weekend before last, and I have prayed to my gods (especially Antinous) several times about it (and will be doing so again MAJORLY in the morning before it all starts!), and likewise have asked for the prayers of several of my co-religionists. If you can likewise entreat your deities and holy powers on my behalf, I would be most grateful.

I will probably write a bit about how it all went tomorrow evening at some stage, but in the meantime, wish me luck, and with the help of Hermes, Hanuman, the kami, and Antinous (and several others!), I hope to be successful in this regard!


  1. Best of good luck to you!

  2. Áhd mór ort, good luck, Aedicula Antinoi! I’ll send energy for your success and also ask those I know in the other world, the sidhe and their descendents, Athena and Artemis as well, to assist you. Blessings on what sounds like a wonderful opportunity!

  3. Good luck, friend Doctor!

  4. And best wishes from me.

  5. Good luck…I mean that…

  6. […] terms of what I posted about yesterday, all seemed to go very well, and I should be hearing within the next week whether it all worked out […]

  7. […] this from last […]

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