Posted by: aediculaantinoi | May 14, 2014

An Interview of Me In A Book!

In terms of what I posted about yesterday, all seemed to go very well, and I should be hearing within the next week whether it all worked out or not. Here’s hoping and praying that it does…

But in the meantime, I have the following to say.

A long time ago, I posted about a study being done on polytheism, and ended up participating in it. At last, the work has been published, and I’ve seen it!

It is called Walking With The Gods: Modern People Talk about Deities, Faith, and Recreating Ancient Traditions, by Dr. Wendi D. Wilkerson. Her interview with me is the last one in the book, and runs from pp. 322-343. There are also interviews in it from some other well-known polytheists, like Erynn Laurie, Tess Dawson, and Raven Kaldera.

I suggest you all get the book here! You can also read a recent interview with Dr. Wilkerson at’s Pagan Channel by John Beckett.

I’m wondering: should I list this book, and one other I’ve had bits of interviews with me in, on the “Publications Bibliography,” since I am quoted in my own words therein–likely under a new heading to indicate I didn’t actually write or edit the whole book? Your thoughts on that would be appreciated. 😉


  1. I think I’m going to have to get that one soon. And yes, I think you should add a new section, something like “Interviewed In…”

  2. Yes, just add a new category for “interviews” or “contributor”.

  3. A separate interview category that included print publications as well as online interviews would be great.

    • I do have all of those listed on the sidebar as well…but, I’ll add them to the new category as well!

  4. Sure, let people know where they can find your words. Some day, religious historians will thank you.

  5. Cool! I didn’t realize you would be in it. My library is at this moment ordering the book for me, so I’ll have it in my hands soonish. =D

    • Very nice! Let me know what you thought when you get a chance to see it!

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