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Isidorus’ Hymn, Part Four

[See the following links for Part One, Part Two, and Part Three!]

renenutet and snakes

Hymn IV, from Vera F. Vanderlip (ed./trans.), The Four Greek Hymns of Isidorus and the Cult of Isis, American Studies in Papyrology Volume Twelve (Toronto: A. M. Hakkert Ltd. for The American Society of Papyrologists, 1972), pp. 64-65.

Who built this holy temple to greatest Hermouthis?
What god remembered the All-Holy One of the Immortals?
He marked out the sacred shrine as a high Olympos.
For Deo Highest, Isis Thesmophorus,
for Anchoes the Son, and the Agathosdaimon, Sokonopis,
Immortals (all), he created a most fitting (or most just) haven.
A certain one, they say, was born a divine King of Egypt;
he appeared on earth as Lord of all the World,
rich, righteous, and omnipotent;
he had fame, yes, and virtue that rivaled the gods’
for to him the earth and sea were obedient,
(and) the streams of all the beautiful-flowing rivers,
(and) the breath of the winds, and the sun which shows sweet light,
(and) on his rising (is) visible to all.
The races of winged creatures with one accord would listen to him
and he instructed all who heard his voice.
The fact is clear that the birds obeyed him
as those who have read the Sacred Scriptures
speak of this kind once entrusting a written message to a crow
and she flew off with the letter, bearing his utterance
[or: she returned bearing a verbal message together with a written reply].
It is so) for he was not a mortal man, nor was he son of a mortal man
but as offspring of a god, great, and eternal,
(even) of Souchos, all-powerful, very great, omnipotent,
and the Agathosdaimon, he the son appeared on earth as a King.
The maternal grandfather of this god is the Distributor of Life,
Ammon, who is Zeus of Hellas and Asia.
For this reason all things heard his voice, all things
that move on earth and the races of winged heavenly creatures.
What was the nature of this one? What ruler,
what king, or who of the Immortals, determined it?
(Why) the one who nurtured him, Sesoösis, he who has gone to the Western Heaven,
gave him a fair name, ‘Son of the Golden Sun.’
When the Egyptians say his name (in their language) they call (him)
‘Porramanres, the Great, Deathless.’
I have heard from others a miracle that is a riddle:
how he ‘navigated on the desert by wheels and sail.’
Reliably learning these facts fro men who study history,
I myself have set them all up on inscribed pillars
and translated (into Greek) for Greeks the power of a Prince who was a god,
power such as no other mortal has possessed.
wrote (it).


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