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Isidorus’ Hymn, Part Three

[See the following links for Part One and Part Two!]


Hymn III, from Vera F. Vanderlip (ed./trans.), The Four Greek Hymns of Isidorus and the Cult of Isis, American Studies in Papyrology Volume Twelve (Toronto: A. M. Hakkert Ltd. for The American Society of Papyrologists, 1972), pp. 50-51.

O Ruler of the Highest Gods, Hermouthis, Lady,
Isis, pure, most sacred, mighty, of mighty Name, Deo,
O most hallowed Bestower of good things, to all men
who are righteous, You grant great blessings: to possess wealth,
a life that is pleasant, and most serene happiness:
material gain, good fortune, and happy soundness of understanding.
All who live lives of greatest bliss, the best of men:
scepter-bearing kings and those who are rulers,
if they depend on You, rule until old age,
leaving shining and splendid wealth in abundance
to their sons, and sons’ sons, and men who come after.
But the one whom the heavenly Queen has held the most dear of princes,
rules both Asia and Europe,
keeping the peace, the harvests grow heavy for him
with all kinds of good things, bearing fruit…,
and where indeed there are wars and slaughter
of countless throngs, Your strength, and godly power
annihilates the multitude (against him); but to the few (with him) it gives courage.
Hear me, Agathetyche, when I pray to you, Lady,
whether You have journeyed into Libya or to the south wind,
or whether You are dwelling in the outermost regions of the north wind ever sweetly blowing,
or whether You dwell in the blasts of the east wind where are the risings of the sun,
or whether You have gone to Olympos where the Olympian gods dwell,
or whether You are in heaven above, a judge with the immortal gods,
or whether having mounted the chariot of the swift-driving sun,
You are directing the world of men, looking down on the manifold
deeds of the wicked and gazing down on those of the just.
If You are present here too, You witness (men’s) individual virtue,
delighting in the sacrifices, libations and offerings,
of the men who dwell in the Nome of Suchos, the Arsinoîtes,
men of mixed races who all, yearly, are present
on the twentieth of the month of Pachon and Thoth, bringing a tenth for You
and for Anchoes, and Sokonopis, most sacred (of) gods, at Your feast.
O Hearer of prayers, black-robed Isis, the Merciful,
and You Great Gods who share the temple with Her,
send Paean to me, healer of all ills.
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