Posted by: aediculaantinoi | May 22, 2014

Not Doing Well…

Remember this from last week?

Just heard back: it’s a no-go.

I’m not making this post for sympathy; just to notify people. I’m turning comments off (after I figure out how!–so please, in the meantime, if it allows comments before I figure out how to turn them off, don’t comment), because I don’t want condolences (even if they’re well and honestly meant) nor platitudes (which are never helpful to anyone other than the person saying them, no matter how well-meant they are). If you want to say something more in-depth than “I’m sorry to hear that; that sucks” that is actually without platitudes, I’d appreciate an e-mail.

I’m honestly confused beyond comprehension by this. It went well. Who was I competing with that was so much better than me?

I really wish my gods and my community could do something to help with this; it appears they can’t, and that sucks, because they’re awesome beyond measure in so many other ways.

Well, needless to say, I’m fucked at this point.

This rates very highly as the worst birthday I’ve had in years.


  1. You’ve got my sympathies. Here’s hoping things take a turn for the better real soon.