Posted by: aediculaantinoi | May 23, 2014

What a difference…

…less than twelve hours makes.

No, I’m not entirely better; my life is still very precarious at the moment, and one can only take the feeling of the ground crumbling beneath oneself so many times in a given temporal period to start lacking trust that such a thing as “stable earth” exists for anyone, much less will ever exist again (if it ever did) for oneself.

HOWEVER, as a last thought before trying to go to bed, after fielding several phonecalls, I checked on something I’ve been meaning to for weeks…and, had I been able to get to it a while back, it would not have turned out as it did.

It happens that there is a one-year job opportunity at a certain college in the eastern U.S. that I have some familiarity with, in my field (broadly), and I think I have a good shot at it. It was only posted a few days ago, and the deadline is a little over a month away. I plan to get an application off to them by the end of this weekend.

If I got this position, it would not only mean a good further line for my C.V., but far-readier access to Antinous sculptures and many other things of great import and appeal, in addition to easier and readier in-person access to some of my favorite polytheist colleagues…and, who knows what else might emerge along the way? So, this is good.

The old adage about the gods closing doors and opening windows is a useless platitude for the most part; in the present case, it seems that no windows have opened, but I’ve at least been alerted to the existence of a mail slot. It’s a start.

In the meanwhile, thank you to those who have written. (I still haven’t figured out how to allow or disallow comments on posts here…!?!) A big arigato also to the kami who, it seems, still have my back. And, certainly not least and only last in the context of linear communication at present, thank you to Antinous, Polydeukion, and Paneros for being awesome deities.