Posted by: aediculaantinoi | May 25, 2014

And now for something completely…*ahem*

Two things that I saw the other day that intrigued me:

First, an interview with Hayley Campbell, who just published a biography of Neil Gaiman, which is very interesting! I hope to get a hold of it in the near future…

And, based on something that Hayley referred to in her interview…

The Great Wall of Vagina!!!

Yes, you read that correctly: The Great Wall of Vagina is an art piece by Jamie McCartney, whose body of work (*ahem*) is quite intriguing…I recommend clicking on as many of the links and pages as possible on that site to see how exactly this piece was made, and some of the other fascinating artworks that the artist has come up with over the years.

{And now, given that there is a Great Wall of Vagina, those who are interested in equal representation for different genders might wonder: will there be an effort, á la Back to the Future, to “Save the Cock Tower”? 😉 ]

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