Antinoan Connections

Here you will find easy referencing links to various series I’ve completed on this blog, including Goddesses and Antinous and Antinous and Animals, and to eventually include the Triads of Antinous.


Bona Dea

Deified Abstractions and Iunonis Loci

Divae and Heroines
Aelia Domitia Paulina
Annia Aurelia Galeria Lucilla
Appia Annia Regilla
Diva Annia Galeria Faustina Maior (the Elder)
Diva Annia Galeria Faustina Minor (the Younger)
Diva Ulpia Marciana
Diva Salonina Matidia
Diva Pompeia Plotina
Diva Vibia Sabina

Claudia Damo Synamate
Julia Balbilla


[Coming soon!]


  1. if I may ask, what his your ‘relation’ to Antinoüs?

    • What, exactly, are you asking about?

      • What is your personal reason for such devotion?

      • It’s probably similar to the reason that anyone who is devoted to a particular deity is devoted to them–responding in this way to the deity’s influence and presence in my life has made my life better, richer, and more livable than it would be to do otherwise.

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  6. What is your personal reason for such devotional research?

    • I have skills and gifts in regards to research, and so repaying what the deity has done for me in putting these resources out there for others is the least I can do by way of thanks. Indeed, this has been the tradition when it comes to devotion since ancient times, particularly in literate/literary recordings of such encounters and relationships with deities.

      • I authorize myself in questioning you, because I thought so.
        It was a big surprise for me to discover your devotion to Antinous. When I was kid (14) I discovered him in the back pages of a dictionary (in the section for known people). Only few words written next to a reproduction the size of a post office stamp, but it was enough for me to recognize him as my God. I create a religion around him, a new alphabet and a new writing, since that day he belongs to my life. Thank you for your answer, but again, what a surprise to have to share him!
        (Sorry, English is not my primary language)

      • It’s not just me you’re sharing with–there are literally hundreds of people who are devoted to Antinous in the U.S. and the rest of the world at present, several Yahoo!Groups, lots of people who attend his rituals when I hold them at PantheaCon and elsewhere, nine initiated Mystai who have entered into his modern mysteries quite deeply, etc. Devotees of Antinous are not everywhere quite yet, but they’re far more widespread than they were in 2002 when I started into this effort.

    • a new body of work on the Ancient Coins
      Determination catalog with cultural and historical region Hintergründen Antinoos

      Rainer Pudill
      Münzen und Medaillons

  7. The Lord Antinous has entered my own life in a very real way recently! He communicates with me constantly, and I do so with him. What a comfort he is! Ave Antinoe! And many thanks for all that you do yourself, sir! From New Orleans.

    • I’m glad to hear it!

      (Please don’t refer to me in the future as “sir”–I would appreciate that very much, thank you.)

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  9. What a marvelous site! In regard to my inclusion or not of Antinous, much information was edited out by editors of the books I wrote in the past, sad to say. I’m a great lover of both Antinous & Simeon Solomon. Are you familiar with Jean Delville’s ‘L’Ecole de Platon’? What a great painting. Again, thank you for this site.

    • Thank you for reading and commenting, and (more importantly!) for all of your fabulous work and the wonderful books you’ve written!

      My mention of your book in terms of my post on Simeon Solomon was not meant in any way as a detraction; indeed, I’ve heard via other people (Bruce Grether) that your editors forced you to make major cuts in your various books, which is a shame…particularly for information nuts like myself. I was glad you did discuss Solomon so thoroughly, though; I was saddened not long after that to have learned that both of the Solomon works that were titled in relation to Antinous no longer exist, alas.

      I was not familiar with Delville’s painting until you just mentioned it, but I’ll have to look more into it in the future–it certainly is very appealing in the little I have seen of it thus far.

      Thanks again very much indeed for reading, and for all of your work! I’d love to stay in touch with you in relation to a few projects I’m working on in the near future, if you’d be amenable to doing so.

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  11. The artists of Fortuna Productions invite you to their new play,”Antinous,” a tragedy about the love between an Emperor and his page. See the statue of an enigmatic boy in love come to life and emerge from the marble.

    • Interesting!

      I’m nowhere near New York at this time (nor will I be in the next year), but I’m happy to hear this is going on.

      A fair bit of the information on your write-up page isn’t quite factually accurate, unfortunately, but as this is a work of fiction/theatre, I suppose it doesn’t have to be.

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  15. What are the after life beliefs of this faith?

    • Official or organized? None. It’s up to individuals (and their respective gods) to determine those matters for themselves.

      However, I have written about this previously here.

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  17. I am a picture editor for Laurence King Publishing and we would like to include a photo you have taken in a book we’re publishing. Could you make contact with me at my email address so I can discuss in more detail with you?

    Kind regards


    • I will get in touch with you on this soon…thanks for writing!

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  19. Salve. I don’t know if you are on Facebook, but if you are you might want to check out “Following Hadrian”.
    Vale bene.
    C. Aelius Ericius.

    • I’m not on FaceBook, but that looks interesting. Thanks for letting me know!

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  21. Numismatic publications about Antinous
    R. Pudill, Antinous. Coins and medallions. ISBN 978-3-86646-113-0. Regenstauf, 2014.
    R. Pudill, Antinous as Dionysos and Neos lakchos. GN 44, 2009 205-215.
    R. Pudill, Antinous – a god is born. Medallions and coins from the time of Emperor Hadrian (117-138. Chr.). NNB 64, 2015, 369-379.
    R. Pudill, Christ and Antinous: Amazing similarities in faith, worship and iconography. GN 48, 2013, 11-17.
    R. Pudill, contrived by the hair. The so-called Alpheus Master alias Antonianos of Aphrodisias and ascribed numismatic work. GN 45, 2010 293-297.

    • Thanks so much for posting the info on these! I have not seen them yet, so I’ll try and track them down, as they sound extremely useful and interesting! Much appreciated! 🙂

      • Sorry there is no translation of the literature of Germen into English

        If you send me your Mail I will give you mor infos and pictures

      • Thank you so much!

        My e-mail is aediculaantinoi (at) hotmail (dot) com.

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