The Syncretisms of Antinous

The following page presents the series I did on the Syncretisms of Antinous in the order in which they were originally posted. (There are sequential references in each post, and thus if it says “earlier” in a particular one, you should be able to find such posts above the one marked on this page.)

Hermes and Antinous
Dionysos and Antinous
Apollon and Antinous
Osiris and Antinous
Pan and Antinous
Silvanus and Antinous
Vertumnus and Antinous
Adonis and Antinous
Eros and Antinous
Poseidon and Antinous
Achilleus and Antinous
Aristaios and Antinous
Endymion and Antinous
Men and Antinous
Attis and Antinous
Eunostos and Antinous
The Dioskouroi and Antinous
Herakles and Antinous
Agathos Daimon and Antinous
The Daimon Antinous
The Hero Antinous
Ganymede and Antinous
“Flower Heroes” and Antinous
Androklos and Antinous
River Gods and Antinous
Apis and Antinous
Echmoun and Antinous; and a Postscript on Creative Syncretism

Belenus and Antinous: see Apollon and Antinous
Iakkhos and Antinous: see Dionysos and Antinous
Meleager and Antinous: see Androklos and Antinous
Hylas and Antinous: see “Flower Heroes” and Antinous
Hyakinthos and Antinous: see “Flower Heroes” and Antinous
Narcissus and Antinous: see “Flower Heroes” and Antinous
Alpheios and Antinous: see River Gods and Antinous
Cydnos and Antinous: see River Gods and Antinous
Asklepios and Antinous: see Agathos Daimon and Antinous, The Hero Antinous, Echmoun and Antinous

This series, with a brief introduction and some bibliographic notes and a few expansions and revisions, has been published by The Red Lotus Library, and is available as a book here!


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  5. Fabulous! I can’t wait to get my copy. I wonder if some of these Gk gods would be included in a synchretism with Lord Serapis? Also, as a practicing Buddhist for 20+ yrs, I see divine Antinous as a manifestation of Aizen Myo-o, or perhaps one of his retinue.

    Thank you for this wondrous website—it is rich, rich, rich in knowledge to be mined!
    Namu Aizen Vidyaraja! Namu Deva Antinous! Namu Myoho Renge Kyo!

    • Certainly, Dionysos contributed something to Serapis (both independently and insofar as he was considered the equivalent of Osiris); Osiris did, too, as did Apis; and there is also some influence from Poseidon on occasion as well. However, there is the major distinction to be found in terms of visual imagery: Serapis is always older and has a beard, Antinous is always young (and looks like himself!). I’ve written more on some of their inter-relationships on this entry.

      I know nothing of Aizen Myo-o, so I’ll have to look into him a bit more. Thanks for commenting!

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